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The Work of the Trust

Business Giving

The purpose of this page is to explain how you can give to the Lord’s work through your Business by using Gift Aid.

While giving through your Business by Gift Aid is similar to the individual use of these methods (see tabs at the top of page), there are certain important differences in respect of the treatment of Tax which need to be clearly understood.

Business giving by Gift Aid differs from individual giving by Gift Aid in the following ways.

1. To be effective for Tax purposes, the gift needs to be paid out of annual profits to a registered charity, such as Lord’s Work Trust
2. The Company is not required to deduct tax from the gift but should remit the full amount gifted, inclusive of Tax.
3. In the Company’s annual accounts the total amount gifted is entered as a tax-deductible expense to be set against profit. This secures the benefit to the company of this method of giving.


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