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The Work of the Trust

The Lord's Work Trust

The Lord’s Work Trust is a registered charity based in Kilmarnock, Scotland. It was established over 100 years ago by the late John Ritchie in response to the wish of the Lord’s people to support the Lord’s work abroad. This desire was fostered by the missionary reports included in the Believer’s Magazine in the 1890’s.

Today we continue to provide support for the Lord’s servants and work. We acknowledge that their main care lies with their commending assemblies. We do not exert any control over the Lord’s servants, nor interfere with their service for the Lord. We are willing to give advice if requested, but leave each servant to look to the Lord for ultimate guidance.

Our main function is to act as a channel for funds and to encourage among God’s people prayerful interest in the work of the Lord by providing up to date information in our free publications “Look on the Fields”.

We are available to assemblies and individuals to give such assistance as may be requested to increase interest in and knowledge of the Lord’s work and to help support His servants more effectively.

The Lord's Work Trust's Privacy Policy, Safeguarding Policy and Consent Forms – Click here

What we do...


We channel individual and assembly gifts to the Lord’s servants and work at home and abroad. The Trust is happy to forward funds to assembly commended workers and related work. We have the knowledge and expertise to do this effectively, transferring funds in the way that suits them. Gifts are forwarded without deductions for expenses.

We communicate with the Lord’s servants. Every month we write to hundreds of them and receive from their field of service up to date reports of their work. From time to time we visit the mission field to help and encourage them.

We encourage a prayerful interest in the Lord’s work abroad through “Look on the Fields These leaflets are distributed free of charge. They are compiled from the many letters we receive in the office. You can download these from the links at the top of this page..

We publish and distribute a comprehensive range of christian literature including the Believer’s Magazine through John Ritchie Ltd. which is owned by the Trust. This company is run as a separate entity with all its profits going to the Trust.

We make available Scriptures and helpful literature to the Lord’s servants for the spread of the gospel and the establishment of the Lord’s people, particularly in underprivileged countries. We also make funds available for translation work and assist publication of christian literature in other languages and help forward the work of the Lord in any appropriate way.

We give confidential advice. We are willing to give advice to any brother or sister contemplating giving themselves to the work of the Lord. We are happy to assist assembly elders in matters relating to missionary service and give advice when requested.


What we can do for you…

It is our wish to be of service to you by helping you support the Lord’s work at home and abroad. We can help you in the following ways:

We forward gifts. We can forward your individual and assembly gifts to the Lord’s servants of your choice. Simply tell us to whom you wish your gift to be sent. (Please make cheques payable to the Lord’s Work Trust.) We will do the rest for you.

We give guidance on giving. Advice is willingly given by the Trust to assist assemblies, individuals and businesses on the most convenient and effective methods of transferring funds to the Lord’s servants (e.g. by Cheque, Standing Order, Gift Aid etc.). Advice can also be given to those contemplating leaving funds to the work of the Lord in their will (click here for details).

We explain how to give by Gift Aid. Provision has been made by successive governments which allows us to recover tax, which has already been deducted from your income, on the amount gifted to the Trust. We will process all necessary paper work required to recover Income Tax already paid.

We provide items for praise and prayer from many spheres of service. These can be used by individuals on a daily basis through “Look on the Fields” .

We visit assemblies to speak about the work of the Trust. The Trustees and Secretary are happy to be of assistance to assemblies and individuals wishing to know more about the Lord’s work and the Trust.


Further information.

If you would like to receive further information please feel free to contact our office by telephone (Tel: 01563 521098) or by emailing

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